The Exciting Second Installment in the Paranormal Shadow Series

To save her soul, he must become part of her…

Aidan Morgan, a Spirit Guardian and a Special Agent with the FBI’s Section Seven Department,  has come to Oakview for a long overdue vacation.

Unfortunately, dead bodies are appearing in the local jewelry stores with a pentacle carved into their chests. The only item missing from each store is a single 10-carat  diamond.

The diamonds are linked back to Molly Moore, an exclusive jewelry designer and Earth Magum. It is she who becomes the focus of the investigation as each death locks onto a portion on her soul.

Aidan must find a way to protect her soul as the battle for the power in the diamonds is begins.




The First book in the Paranormal Shadow Series

Even In the Shadows, there is Justice.

A bizarre series of deaths in the City of Oakview leads Detective Alonsa Matthews on a hunt for a killer.

Tyler Buchanan is a special field agent for the FBI’s mysterious Section Seven Division.

Together, using the magical elements of Air and Fire, they must track down and confront the dangerous assassin who is using magic to kill.