Homo Magum

Many of the novels I’ve written take place in an alternate reality. What does that mean? It means that they take place on a world much like modern day Earth. But it has a few differences.

The first difference is magic is real. Myths have a basis in fact. Now while magic is real in this world, it is not that common, so most of the general populace are unaware of it. Those who practice it, do so discreetly. They learned their lessons from the time of witch burnings in the dark ages. 

Naturally it has become a little trickier in this era of cell phones and surveillance technology to remain discreet. Thus they tend to be more secretive. Most of this is for the sake of survival. But it is also from habits and rules that have been passed down for generations.

This is a world that has three types of humans. Since I’m making things up as I go along sometimes, they are the following:

  • Homo Sapiens
  • Homo Sensitivo
  • Homo Magum

Homo Sapiens are you, me and almost anybody. (There are exceptions, but I’m not naming names. You know who you are.). They don’t have any kind of connection to the elemental forces of magic. They can, however, be affected by it.

Homo Sensitivo are humans who are sensitive to the presence and use of magic. They also have some minor abilities of their own. These are the so-called psychics. They had a ‘soft’ connection to magic fields surrounding the planet.  The connection gives them abilities at different levels. 

Examples of these abilities would be the aura reading, sensitivity to the presence of ghosts and of course the ability to sense strong magic in others.

Homo Magum are humans with a ‘hard’ connection to magic. These are the people you read about in the novels. They are people who can affect their environment directly through the use of elemental magic.

It is important to note that Magum do not connect to ALL magic. Magic itself is divided into the different elemental states. A Magum can only handle magic of their element. For example, a Fire Magum can start the grill, but he or she cannot make plants grow. If a Fire Magum wants plants in their house, they have to water it the old fashioned way.

Because the novels are set in an alternate modern world, magic is treated as a science. It can be measured, identified, even tracked in some instances. This also means there are ‘modern’ uses of magic. Both good and bad. A low level Fire Magum could use his ability to melt locks in order to steal. A high level Water Magum could use plants as traps or an alarm system. 

Magic, like most of human society, continues to grow and change. But it is important to remember that as even with the real world becoming more and more technologically advanced, there are some groups that still prefer to do things the Old Way.

While many Magum use focus and training, there are some that hold on to the trappings of a bygone era. Spells and incantations. Even worship of things hovering just beyond the Veil. Some traditions handed down contain all the rituals and tools to use magic. As with any group, some are benevolent, some are not. 

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