Evils Of The Internal Editor

Another lovely day. The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. I open the document to begin the process of eviscerating my baby. Well, that’s what it feels like sometimes. It is also called editing. I’m officially hard at work on editing Book 3 of my Section Seven Case Files series. This one is called Fearing Shadows. Imagine being killed by your fears.

Of course this book is really difficult for me as I go through my proofreader’s notes. It is difficult because he had only gone through half the book before passing away suddenly from a heart attack. He was also one of my best friends, like a brother to me. It has now been three years, but my heart still aches when I think about him, and seeing his notes brings it even closer to home.

In a sense I’m now doing this for him and in his memory. I shall certainly be dedicating it to him. He always believed in me. He was always brutally honest when necessary. If something didn’t make sense, he would tell me in no uncertain terms. Tough to hear, I know, but necessary.

So I’m back to work on the book. Dealing with fear. Can fear kill you? According to my research, such a thing is rare. In such cases, there is usually an underlying medical condition. Of course, I’m not going to allow facts to interfere with fiction. Where would the fun in that be?

As I edit, I am also making a lot of notes for World Building. The Paranormal Earth world needs to have a set of consistent rules and guides that will keep all the books consistent. As a shared world, this is doubly important.

Temporarily gags the internal editor.

Shared world you ask? I mentioned in a previous post, that there will be another series of books set in the same world. So there will be some things that have to remain consistent. How Magum magic works, for instance. What are the power levels available to them? What can they do? What can they not do? 

Warily ungags the internal editor.

This occasionally means I have to change something. Or even… 

Pained whimper.

Cutting a scene I thought was truly awesome at the time. That’s really hard, but a necessary step in the editing process. To make things a cohesive whole instead of the ramblings of an overactive imagination.

Grammar is also a trial for me. I seem to have an allergy to commas. One trick that helps with that is to read aloud. It is sometimes easier to hear a run on sentence than to see it. Another bad habit I have is the word “And”. For some reason I will start a sentence with it, sometimes several times in the same paragraph. My proofreader pointed that out to me. 

One time, I did a search for the word “And” on a page and found that I had used it 32 times. Obviously that was way too much. 

So here I am with my Internal Editor going through the process. She gets gagged when I work on the first draft. But when it’s editing time, she jumps out with gleeful excitement, red pen (knife) in hand to start slashing away at my manuscript. Sometimes I think she enjoys it far too much.

Internal Editor slashes away with gleeful howls.

See what I mean? What is your editor like?

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