Change Is Coming

Like the title says, Change is Coming. 

I see the confused looks. What do I mean by change? What I should have said is Changes are Coming. 

Allow me to explain a little. I have been going through all my writing projects and I’ve notices a theme to them. Paranormal Shadows doesn’t really cover what I have in mind for what I want to do. If last year’s NaNoWriMo showed me anything, is that there is more in that world I want to show and that series title doesn’t quite fit as it did at first. 

Hmmm…. Do I tell them or not? Oh, why not?

The first change is that the Paranormal Shadows series will be renamed to The Section Seven Case Files. The books will continue to take place in Oakview, Virginia and follow the agents of the FBI Section Seven division there. I may do future stories in other cities, but they will follow the same format.

Another series of books will appear in the same ‘world’ but will follow a different team hunting down evil serial killing magum in various cities with more supernatural elements.

There is also a third series of books that will be set in the Paranormal Shadows world.

Maybe I’ll just change the name to Paranormal Earth.

This series is set in England that will show the international side of Section Seven. It’ll go by a different name there. Also, a side note, I won’t be writing this series, but I will be publishing it under the Ebonmoon Publishing banner.

Oh how the body count will rise… *evil chuckle*

But that won’t be the only change that will be happening. On the back end the website will be changing. It will be getting some upgrades as I shop for a new domain to host it. The website name may or may not change as well. I’m not sure yet. 

So keep on the look out for updates as I move forward. May 2021 be a good year for all of us.

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