What Is Section Seven?

With the release of Book 2: Stealing Shadows, a few questions have been put to me about certain concepts I use. Who and what is Section Seven exactly.

The Section Seven department is fictional branch of the FBI. I wanted something that seemed to be real. So I looked at how the real Federal Bureau of Investigation is set up and inserted Section Seven into their hierarchy. So if it was real…

The Guardians are the law enforcement arm of the Magum community and had been so for several thousand years in one form or another. Much of what they did could be shielded from Normal eyes.  But with the passage of time and human innovation it was becoming harder to keep Magic from the mainstream Normal world.

In 1908 during the time of the creation of the Bureau of Investigation (BOI),  the head of the council of Magum in Chicago, Illinois, Ambrose Reynolds, contacted Attorney General Bonaparte to coordinate help with dealing with the aftermath of several ‘natural’ disasters that had taken place in the United States.

On February 14th a magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck southern Alaska. Then on April 23rd through 25th there was a violent outbreak of tornadoes with special attention being drawn to an F5 tornado that traveled from southwest of Pender, Nebraska to South of Thurston, Nebraska.

Working together, Guardians and Agents of the department of Justice were able to determine that the earthquake was a natural occurrence. However, the F5 tornado was attributed to an Air Magum who wished to test the limits of his power, uncaring of the destruction and death he caused. The Air was contained and the incident officially listed as a natural disaster.

In 1935 when the organization’s name was officially changed from the Division of Investigation to the present-day Federal Bureau of Investigation, or FBI, Guardians had become part of the agency. Not only investigating magic related crimes, but occasionally using their unique skills to help solve some of the agencies more difficult criminal cases.

During World War II there was a type of military discharge called Section 8 which was used for those soldiers whom were mentally unfit to remain in the service. With the nature of some of the cases the Guardians investigated, The term was also used for some of the field agents. In response they started to refer to themselves as Section 7 (a step away from crazy) and by 1945, the term stuck and became an official designation.

As of 2002, Section Seven operates under the The Criminal, Cyber, Response, and Services Branch (CCRSB) of the FBI. Like its counterparts within the Bureau, they work out of  satellite offices in major cities with specialized teams that work throughout United States and its Territories.

Since it’s inception there are counterparts to Section Seven throughout the world, with cooperation and sharing of information to keep Normals and Magum throughout the world safe.

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