Interview: Supervisory Special Agent Tyler Buchanan


The man walked into room and careless dropped into the armchair. His long legs were stretched out in front of him as he clasped his hands over his stomach. His dark hair had a touch of gray that did not detract from the youthful expression on his face. Strong features with laugh lines, his brown eyes holding a hint of mischief.

Author: Welcome. My guest today is Supervisory Special Agent Tyler Buchanan with the Section Seven Unit of the FBI. Welcome Tyler.

Buchanan: Thanks for having me.

Author: Well to start with, what exactly is Section Seven?

Tyler smiles, dark eyes crinkling with amusement.

Buchanan: If I told you, I’d have to shoot you.

Author: Uh… wha…?

Buchanan: Just kidding. ::laughs at the expression on the Author’s face.:: It is a special division of the FBI. Which gives us jurisdiction to investigate crimes in the United States.

Author: So what kind of crimes do you investigate?

Buchanan: Any crime that appears unusual. Especially if Magic is involved.

Author: Magic?

Buchanan: Yes, magic. ::a dark amused eyebrow quirks upwardly.:: Magic is real.

Author: Uh…Do you use magic yourself?

With a smile, Tyler holds up his right hand. With a snap of his fingers a small flame appeared. It was about the size of a fire from a normal cigarette lighter and just floats in the air.

Buchanan:: I’m a Fire Guardian in addition to being an FBI agent.

The Author stares at the flame in shock until with a snap of his fingers the flame disappears.

Author: Uh… Well… What is a Guardian and what is your job as a Guardian as opposed to the FBI?

Tyler chuckles again.

Buchanan. My level of magical power. I was born with a high level Fire Magic. Which means I can use a lot of it before I exhaust myself. Most Guardians I know are FBI agents which gives us legal authority. Of course there are exceptions. Not all Guardians go through Quantico.That’s how we ended up with Detectives Matthews and Richardson. Guardians have to answer to the Magum Council.

Author: :: brows raise slightly. :: So tell me about this Magnum Council. You mentioned fire, and I am guessing the other elements are represented? Do you have a means for justifying it to those who are not magically inclined?

Buchanan: ::chuckles:: Which question do you want answered first?

Author: Whichever has the easier explanation.

Buchanan: Neither are easy. You remind me of Alonsa. She asks more questions than anyone I know.

Author: So… Mangum Council. Continue, please.

Buchanan: The Magum Council is simply the regional group of officials that handle Magum related issues. Anything from recommending training of new Magum coming into their powers or Magic related offenses against society. Think of them as… a council or Elders from one of your fantasy books. There is acceptable and unacceptable behavior from Magum. And one of the primary rules is that you don’t go around showing off to Normals.

Author: Does this council have a representative of the Normals on it so you can figure the best means of damage control?

His expression becomes serious and controlled.

Buchanan: All the elements are represented on the council.

The Author realizes that’s the only answer she is going to get for now. Time to change the topic.

Author: What is your favorite thing about being a Fire Guardian?

Buchanan: Favorite thing… I don’t know. I never really thought about it. ::pause:: My coffee doesn’t get cold.

To Be Continued.

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