In Search Of A Genre

What is a genre? A quick Google search will give you a lot of choices. But the most basic definition that I’ve found is that genre is a way of categorizing a creative work. Most people have heard the term applied to music, film and of course, writing.

So, what genre does Paranormal Shadows belong to?

Romance: Yes, it belongs there. The two main characters are drawn to each other romantically and by the end of the story they are in a relationship.

Paranormal: Definitely. Although there are no demons or other supernatural creatures. (Not even a stray vampire or werewolf) it still falls under this category.

So, the Paranormal Shadow series falls under the genre of Paranormal Romance.


There are other elements in the stories that apply to other categories.

Mystery: In Shadow Watch, the mystery is to find and stop the person responsible for the deaths of four of the Watchers.

Horror: The method of death is pretty horrific for the victims.

Crime drama: The deaths are being investigated by the local police as well as a special government agency.

Science Fiction/Science Fantasy: This is pushing it a little. But if you treat magic as a science with rules, then maybe.

Epic Fantasy: No. Not even close.

Steampunk: Wrong century.

Humor: Well, the characters get a little hilarious at times as they channel my rather perverse sense of humor.

Western: Hehehehehehe…. er… no….

Erotica: Does innuendo and bad jokes count?

In other words picking a genre isn’t that simple, is it? Am I Paranormal Romance? Or am I Supernatural Crime Drama?

I guess I’ll let the reader make the final decision.


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