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Where do you get your ideas? I’ve heard that question asked of authors a great deal. I have only found a small number of authors who don’t answer with: “Uh… it just came to me”.

I recently found my original notes for Shadow Watch and I thought I’d share with you where the idea came from. Shadow Watch was my first foray into actually writing paranormal romance. Up until 2008 I had written science fiction and fantasy. However I had started reading the genre for a couple of years prior and found myself fascinated.

The idea began while I was re-watching an episode of Charmed. Specifically the episode titled “Dream Sorcerer” from Season one. The first victim shown had all her bones crushed as if she had fallen from a great height, yet there were no signs on the body and she was in a locked room on the ground floor.

The episode was notable for me because the ordinary police were investigating a crime which  was supernatural. According to my notes, later the same day I was watching Crime Scene Investigations and I wondered how the characters on this show would have investigated the waitress’ death.

My note became CSI meets Charmed. Which eventually became Shadow Watch-Book One of the Paranormal Shadow series.
Armed with these notes, which included a dead body, research on police procedures and homicide investigations, notes on the elements and their related aspects, I jumped into NaNoWriMo 2008 with trepidation. I came out of it with a first draft.


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